Super Sonic Island

Super Sonic Island 1.0

Another adventure with Sonic, the fastest character in the Sega world
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Super Sonic Island is a simple platform game in which you have to use all your reflexes and guide your fellow through the level to finish it successfully. Sonic moves really fast and hence the name "Sonic" from super-sonic, which is higher than the speed of sound.

The game deals with something as simple as moving from point A to point B, but of course there are several obstacles on the way and you have to overcome them. And just like any other Sonic game the enemies don't really decrease your health, instead they stun you for a little bit or take rings from you. But in this game the only way of dying is by falling from a cliff or into water, which is very common considering how fast you will be running.

Unfortunately, the levels in this game are only two, yes, just two levels.

The controls are simple and practical; use the space bar to jump, which will turn you into a ball which can be used to destroy your enemies while you're on the air, and use the arrow keys to move. The graphics despite of being a bit small are very clear, colorful, and with high quality, and if we talk about the animations, they're just excellent.

The lack of sounds, which are very much needed, turns this into a very silent game, and without any background music it's just a boring game after 15 minutes.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Entertaining
  • Relaxing


  • Boring after a few minutes due to its lack of music and sounds
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